Music Industry Veteran Steven Machat Wants to Defeat Marco Rubio

By August 24, 2016Press

However, in this age of politicians who put their gut “feelings” first and discard facts like fast-food wrappers, he might be the ideal leader for a new political enlightenment.

Last September, Machat threw his proverbial hat into the U.S. Senate race to represent Florida. Running as an independent, he’s challenging Republican incumbent and former Trump punching bag Marco Rubio, who is likely to win an August primary fight to be GOP nominee. Machat’s greatest obstacle may be attempting to steal votes from Democrats who support either Patrick Murphy, a man who regularly suckles on Wall Street’s teat, or Alan Grayson, a progressive who’s been accused of progressively beating his wife over the course of two decades.

New Times spoke with Machat at an Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road on a bright, sunny Miami Beach afternoon. Fresh from yoga, the 63-year-old New York native arrived wearing an all-white linen outfit and a radiant smile. Throughout the conversation, his eyes never broke contact, and his smile faltered only once, when he discussed the tragic loss of his son to a drug-fueled car crash a couple of years ago.

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