Steven Machat is an Independent candidate for Florida’s United States Senate. A graduate of the University of Miami Business School and Vanderbilt Law School, Machat got his first experience with the nuances of party politics when he became involved Jimmy Carter’s daunting but successful campaign for President.

He has been both a Republican and a Democrat; a lifelong dealmaker, tenacious social activist and an avid historian. As a public defender in Davidson County, Tennessee, Machat experienced our legal system first hand.

In 1978, Machat became law partners with his late father, Marty Machat — a music industry legend. Working from offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, Machat executive produced, promoted and marketed their clients while protecting their legal interests. During his career, Machat represented many music icons including Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, ELO, Snoop Dogg, Genesis and others. Through it all, Machat is proudest of “HOPE”, an album the Dalai Lama dedicated to peace. As an author, Machat has written three books: Highways of Man – The Odyssey Almanac Vol 1Vol 2Man, Community & Living The American DreamSacred Knowledge, A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s Guide to Higher Consciousness.

Machat’s professional career has taken him to all six continents and the most important trip is the one he’s on now, as the Independent candidate for U.S. Senate, visiting all 67 counties in Florida by car. While some travels are planned in advance, most are random visits through back roads and local highways, speaking with Florida’s citizens in their towns, workplaces, favorite spots for breakfast and lunch; sports and recreation or simply sitting waterside.

It’s through these travels Machat is listening to what’s keeping them up at night and how they envision their futures. He is motivated with a passion and the belief he can represent and protect the people of Florida with a priority for their health, education, welfare, equality and security to the best of his ability.

And that’s what keeps him up at night.