People need to be treated equally; with respect, and dignity. The Declaration of Independence gave us the ability to pursue happiness. Our citizens have the right to live their lives in the manner they will find that happiness with the understanding that all laws are equally applied to everyone, no matter who you are or your social status.

Accessible, Affordable and Preventative Health Care for all.

Term Limits
Serving our country can be a lifetime commitment you make to yourself,
but not if you’re in public office. When our Constitution was written, the average American lived a total of 48 years.

End Common Core
Children need the freedom and dignity to discover how to use their imagination and in doing so, will want to learn and share their knowledge. Teachers in Florida cannot be directed by someone in Oregon as to what will work best in their classroom thousands of miles away. The billions of dollars used to integrate the Common Core standards into our schools could have instead been used to build new ones in the neighborhoods where our children live. Instead, our schools are crumbling, we’ve lost kindergarten, art, music, physical education and intramural sports, our teachers are purchasing school supplies out of their personal bank accounts, our students are being bussed miles away from home. They’re being given hours of homework and standardized tests instead of the opportunity to learn by engaging with their teachers and their classmates. Knowledge is power. Creativity is freedom.

Access to Continued Education/Loan Forgiveness
We need to create a mechanism where in exchange for service to their communities or the government, American citizens can alleviate the interest on their outstanding school loans. Those that want to attend college will make that same commitment towards service and be able to attend community colleges tuition-free.

Background Checks on Gun Purchases/Ban on Assault Weapons/Large-Capacity Ammunition Magazines/
Our Second Amendment was written in 1790. A gun then is not a gun now. There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen anywhere to own an assault rifle or automatic weapon. I support background checks and a waiting period for handgun and hunting rifle purchases, and a federal ban on assault weapons/large-capacity ammunition magazines. I am vehemently opposed to the sale of any firearm online or to anyone who is or has been under suspicion of terrorist activities.

How often must we be reminded that the majority of our ancestors came from other countries? How could anyone think they can separate a family who came here for a better life and the opportunities our country offers? Equally, if you’re here and not a citizen, you have two choices. Go through the legal process that will result in earning your citizenship or leave the U.S. now, as we must provide security, protect our country and protect our citizens.

Keep Our Laws Off a Woman’s Body

For Florida
Climate, health and environmental concerns continue to challenge our daily lives. We need to take the steps necessary to educate ourselves towards making decisions that best impact our citizens in a positive manner and healthy evolution.

Everglades and Waterways
We must protect the Everglades, all waterways and our terrain from the abuse of companies volunteering short-term profits that turn into long-term disasters.

Big Sugar Must Be Stopped Now
They have decimated our waterways and continue to do so. I’d make it a priority to have them fund the cleanup by hiring those in need of employment, followed by the purchase of American-made equipment necessary to do the job. They’d then have a set deadline to present a plan with a timeline for approval on how they will move forward in a responsible way to protect the environment, and provide a realistic wage with benefits for their workers – or no longer be allowed to conduct their business in Florida.

Employment With A Fair Wage, Not a Minimum Wage
I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want the opportunity to wake up each morning with a sense of purpose, and go to sleep at night knowing they have contributed in some small way to themselves, their friends and family, their community.
If you own a business, you need to operate that business with a responsibility to yourself, your family, your employees and your community. You need to pay your fair share of taxes and a fair wage, with benefits; not a minimum wage.
If you are employed, those same basic principles apply; show up each day, on time, with respect for yourself, your fellow workers, your employer. We all have a right to work, but we also have to equally recognize our responsibilities.

Film and Television Tax Incentives
We need to keep film and television production in Florida and not lose it to Atlanta, the Carolinas and Canada. The trickle down from that alone creates double digit millions of dollars in jobs, tourism and what’s called “below the line” opportunities and training.

Stop Monsanto
Our food needs to be sourced from plants and nurtured by farmers, not factories, instead of our citizens becoming science experiments buried under an avalanche of GMOs.

No Fracking

My Florida background includes my grandfather Sam was a building supplier to the Miami Beach hotels, two of which still stand to this day – the Deauville and Carillon. Miami Beach was my mother’s favorite place and where my parents began my life. I have been coming to Miami since the 60’s. Both grandmothers and my maternal stepfather moved here later in life and stayed until they passed. I attended University in Miami, graduating with a BBA in Accounting. I moved back here in 2011 after living in over 100 locations around the world. It’s my favorite place on earth.

I’ve been asked how my background in music compares to politics. Art is an emotion and a process. There’s an unlimited amount of give and take from the creative end and the business results; work and flow and the difference between creation or the perpetuation of the same thing over and over again. My tenure has been as a dealmaker; the person who finds the talent, nurtures the talent and selects the best teams to promote that talent. I had to learn what I couldn’t understand could make the difference between a successful career and a dismal failure on behalf of my clients. One of the greatest advantages we have as a nation is that we are set up to debate the issues. There is nothing wrong with a healthy exchange of ideas, as we must understand why people don’t see what you see.

In Closing
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