From my years as an attorney in the music business, I learned how the public airwaves were controlled with what was called “payola”. With the use of aggressive time buys on public commercial radio, an artist, regardless of their talent or lack of, could rise to the top of the charts, thus creating an illusion of success where there was nothing to substantiate any longevity in the artists’ career.
My accounting degree from the University of Miami School of Business enlightened me to the US banking system, however, no college degree is required to know Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy are two of Wall Street’s top campaign contribution recipients.
We have seen Wall Street all but decimate our middle class and cripple the poor with loss of their jobs, their homes, their health insurance and their dignity.
Neither Rubio or Murphy can state with any integrity or honesty that they are anywhere close enough to hear the people, understand the people or be for the people when they walk the aisles of Washington, D.C. on behalf of those who simply do not care for any people other than themselves.
Like those in the music business, these two candidates and their political parties have aggressively purchased time buys on commercial radio, television, print and online throughout Florida (most likely including yours) and on the media outlets presenting the upcoming US Senate debates.
The FCC, Leadership Florida, Politico Florida and the Cox Media Group have created, promoted and marketed the upcoming US Senatorial debates in Florida as if there are only two candidates qualified to debate and therefore, preventing Florida voters from making a fair and educated decision as to how best decide who their next US Senator might be.
The polling questions that came a month after the announcement of the “Rubio Murphy” debates to allegedly determine
if any other candidates would poll high enough to participate were biased and misleading, and the results reflected the same.
On September 29, I filed a complaint in Federal Court opposing the conduct of the FCC, Leadership Florida, Politico Florida and the Cox Media Group for excluding myself and the other qualified, registered U.S. Senatorial candidates from their debates.
In accordance with the judge’s request, I have filed a new complaint with the State.
I believe that the voters of Florida are desperate for change.
I believe I can give them a true voice in Washington; not one who’s singing karaoke on the Senate floor.
Have you forgotten what democracy is? I have not.
The voters of Florida deserve a fair and honest debate.
Please post on your social media pages:
Please contribute to my campaign.

I Stand for the Following 

Why are you running for U.S. Senate? 
I am motivated with the belief I can represent and protect the people of Florida with a priority for their health, education, welfare, equality and security to the best of my ability. I am an Independent that both shares and defies some of what the Republicans and some of what the Democrats believe in. No one is 100% correct or incorrect/right or wrong. With no ties to any special interests other than how I can help implement positive change to Florida, I believe the Sunshine State is ready for a radical shift in leadership with someone who will be open to working with both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C., and not be beholden to the beliefs of any one particular party over the other.
We are experiencing a government that’s at war with itself. Instead of honoring the commitment our elected officials made to our country and respecting the incredible privilege they have, they are behaving like children and playing politics with our population. Americans are disappointed and disgusted.
I have visited all 67 counties to go face to face and interact with Floridians. You can hear yourself talk, or listen what’s being said. I have made a commitment to do whatever is in my power to help make the changes that are necessary – beginning with an open mind.
What are the most important issues for Florida? 
Climate, health and environmental concerns continue to challenge our daily lives. We need to take the steps necessary to educate ourselves towards making decisions that best impact our citizens in a positive manner and healthy evolution. Florida has already taken a blow from the blooming algae outbreak that has invaded our waterways and impacted the livelihood of Florida’s tourism-related mom and pop surf shops, fishing and boating charters, restaurants, lodging and more.
Everglades and Waterways
We must protect the Everglades, all waterways and our terrain from the abuse of companies volunteering short-term profits that turn into long-term disasters. I encourage you to sign the #NowOrNeverglades petition here.
Big Sugar Must Be Stopped Now
They have decimated our waterways and continue to do so. I’d make it a priority to have them fund the cleanup by hiring those in need of employment, followed by the purchase of American-made equipment necessary to do the job. They’d then have a set deadline to present a plan with a timeline for approval on how they will move forward in a responsible way to protect the environment, and provide a realistic wage with benefits for their workers – or no longer be allowed to conduct their business in Florida.
Employment With A Fair Wage, Not a Minimum Wage
I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want the opportunity to wake up each morning with a sense of purpose, and go to sleep at night knowing they have contributed in some small way to themselves, their friends and family, their community.
If you own a business, you need to operate that business with a responsibility to yourself, your family, your employees and your community. You need to pay your fair share of taxes and a fair wage, with benefits; not a minimum wage.
If you are employed, those same basic principles apply; show up each day, on time, with respect for yourself, your fellow workers, your employer. We all have a right to work, but we also have to equally recognize our responsibilities.
Film and Television Tax Incentives
We need to keep film and television production in Florida and not lose it to Atlanta, the Carolinas and Canada. The trickle down from that alone creates double digit millions of dollars in jobs, tourism and what’s called “below the line” opportunities and training.
Stop Monsanto
Our food needs to be sourced from plants and nurtured by farmers, not factories, instead of our citizens becoming science experiments buried under an avalanche of GMOs.
No Fracking
Absolutely. No. Fracking.
Reform of Florida’s Cannabis Law
Legalize and regulate marijuana the same way as alcohol and tobacco.
Fund the research for Zika now. I wrote an Op-Ed piece on this that I will gladly email to you, or you can read it here.
What are the most important issues for the nation? 
Term Limits
Serving our country can be a lifetime commitment you make to yourself, but not if you’re in public office. When our Constitution was written, the average American lived a total of 48 years. I would propose the following: Supreme Court Justice – 13 years U.S. Senate – 12 years House of Representatives – 10 years
End Common Core
Children need the freedom and dignity to discover how to use their imagination and in doing so, will want to learn and share their knowledge. Teachers in Florida cannot be directed by someone in Oregon as to what will work best in their classroom thousands of miles away. The billions of dollars used to integrate the Common Core standards into our schools could have instead been used to build new ones in the neighborhoods where our children live. Instead, our schools are crumbling, we’ve lost kindergarten, art, music, physical education and intramural sports, our teachers are purchasing school supplies out of their personal bank accounts, our students are being bussed miles away from home. They’re being given hours of homework and standardized tests instead of the opportunity to learn by engaging with their teachers and their classmates. Knowledge is power. Creativity is freedom.
Access to Continued Education/Loan Forgiveness
We need to create a mechanism where in exchange for service to their communities or the government, American citizens can alleviate the interest on their outstanding school loans. Those that want to attend college will make that same commitment towards service and be able to attend community colleges tuition-free.
Ban on Assault Weapons
Our Second Amendment was written in 1790. A gun then is not a gun now. There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen anywhere to own an assault rifle or automatic weapon.  I support background checks and a waiting period for handgun and hunting rifle purchases, and a federal ban on assault weapons. I am vehemently opposed to the sale of any firearm online or to anyone who is or has been under suspicion of terrorist activities.
How often must we be reminded that the majority of our ancestors came from other countries? How could anyone think they can separate a family who came here for a better life and the opportunities our country offers? Equally, if you’re here and not a citizen, you have two choices. Go through the legal process that will result in earning your citizenship or leave the U.S. now, as we must provide security, protect our country and protect our citizens.
People need to be treated equally; with respect, and dignity. The Declaration of Independence gave us the ability to pursue happiness. Our citizens have the right to live their lives in the manner they will find that happiness with the understanding that all laws are equally applied to everyone, no matter who you are or your social status.
Keep Our Laws Off a Woman’s Body
No further explanation necessary.
What is your Florida connection/background? 
My grandfather Sam was a building supplier to the Miami Beach hotels, two of which still stand to this day – the Deauville and Carillon. Miami Beach was my mother’s favorite place and where my parents began my life. I have been coming to Miami since the 60’s. Both grandmothers and my maternal stepfather moved here later in life and stayed until they passed. I attended University in Miami, graduating with a BBA in Accounting. I moved back here in 2011 after living in over 100 locations around the world. It’s my favorite place on earth.
How did music business prepare you for politics? 
Art is an emotion and a process. There’s an unlimited amount of give and take from the creative end and the business results; work and flow and the difference between creation or the perpetuation of the same thing over and over again.
My tenure has been as a dealmaker; the person who finds the talent, nurtures the talent and selects the best teams to promote that talent. I had to learn what I couldn’t understand could make the difference between a successful career and a dismal failure on behalf of my clients.
One of the greatest advantages we have as a nation is that we are set up to debate the issues. There is nothing wrong with a healthy exchange of ideas, as we must understand why people don’t see what you see.
Politics or music – which is harder? Dirtier? 
It’s almost impossible to maintain ones’ integrity in the music business. Every morning you wake up to what your short and long-term goals are and by 10am, the game and the players have changed. In both cases, you’re dealing with people’s livelihoods and their futures. You can be seduced into taking a shortcut, but in the end, you know it will become a long, hard road back, if at all. The lessons I’ve learned about negotiating, compromising and responding to the information you receive as you go about each day keep you focused on what’s important.
In Closing
I will not take money from Wall Street. I have no plans to print and mail flyers to stuff in your mailboxes, plant signs on your lawns or reserve billboards on your highways.
My request for your donation serves to fund the very basics of operating an incredibly lean and mean campaign.
We plan on budgeting for targeted advertising on social media come October. I’ll continue to travel by car through Florida. If your neighborhood watch, community group, house of worship, sisterhood, brotherhood, college campus, office staff, yoga class or any group you’re a part of would like to hear and be heard, I’d be happy to participate.
If you agree with what I stand for, please consider hosting a fundraiser on behalf of our campaign. 
Please forward this on to your friends. I’d appreciate the effort more than you know.
Just like your one vote does count, `I humbly ask for your support and any donation, no matter how small, to my campaign.

The United States is the only nation in the world created by the people, for the people and of the people. The Declaration of Independence promised to put people before property. The United States Constitution of 1789 put property before people, but did provide a way to amend the Constitution for each new generation. The amendments we have to date are all political. I run to reintroduce the mantra of our Declaration of Independence. That mantra promised we would be a land of equality where everyone can pursue happiness. In line with Thomas Jefferson, I hereby propose a Second Bill of Rights that will provide the health, welfare and safety for all 21st century Americans.

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Story by Izzy Balderas & Linda Figuredo/CBS12

PALM BEACH COUNTY (CBS12) — Music has the power to break down barriers, transcend emotions and send a strong message. A rock ‘n roll mogul is using it as his platform for politics. Attorney Steven Machat says he’s tuned in and ready to take the stage. “I have a song.  My song is unity, and we’re sitting here with two political parties that believe that the other party are horrible people and that’s wrong,” said Machat. Machat, who’s also a music producer, is running as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida. You may not recognize Machat outright, but you know his work. Some of his legal and music clients include Ozzy Osbourne and Phil Collins. Machat sees an America that’s ready for a comeback hit. READ MORE

21st Century Bill of Rights

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Laws of Equality
Create an understanding where all laws will be equally applied to everyone, no matter who you are or your social status. This is non-negotiable in all three branches of the Government.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

We must alleviate the unfair banking interest on all current school loans.
In addition, we need to create a mechanism where in exchange for service to our government, American citizens can attend college without paying for tuition.
K-12 schools need a curriculum, not Common Core, for our students that teaches the Humanities of Mankind so morals, ethics and sense of community becomes ingrained in our future. Lack of a well-rounded, continued education is a consequence and cause of inequality.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Economic Growth and Development
Transact business in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies of business or individuals at home or abroad. If it’s too big to fail, it’s too big be owned by the few.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Health Care for All Americans!

Every American should have the equal right to a healthy life – not one based on the ability to pay. Let’s build on the Affordable Care Act with a single pay health care system and continue to support Medicare and Medicaid.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate


Our Second Amendment was written and published in 1790. A gun then is not a gun now. I support background checks and a waiting period for gun purchases, and a federal ban on assault weapons. I am vehemently opposed to the sale of any firearm online or to anyone who is or has been under suspicion of terrorist activities. Our police must enforce laws equally applicable to all.


We must protect our borders. This requires leaders who understand the cause of human conflict that creates dissension that results in the breach of universal laws of peace and harmony. We need to mind our own nation’s’ business. The whole world does not need to be like us, nor do they.


The source of terrorism is hate. Until we can effectively stop the education and infiltration of the belief that no life is worth living, we will lose this battle. We must uncover and punish those that finance these thoughts that manifest into privatized wars of hatred wherever and whoever they are. This category of people is as responsible as the terrorists themselves.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Debt Free America
Nationalize our federal reserve (central bank) so it works for the best interest of our country as a community, not personal third-party pocket books. Reenact the Glass-Steagall protection that prevents other commercial banks from gambling our money away.  

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

The right to a useful and remunerative job with a living wage. If business doesn’t support it, community can.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Environmental Justice for Florida

Stop Big Sugar from our waterways. Protect the Everglades. Stop fracking from entering this fertile state. Stop Monsanto’s intrusion into the seeds Mother Earth created for us.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

War on Drugs
We have immigrants from Mexico and Central America, including children traveling alone, that are the first of countless victims of the narco-terrorist drug wars.
U.S. drug enforcement has fallen behind in the battle and instead has created a black market for the supply and demand of illegal narcotics. Death, whether through violence or abuse, is an epidemic with no end in sight.

Steven Machat: The Independent Choice for the United States Senate

Legalization of Marijuana
I believe that this must be instantly implemented. Each state and/or county should be responsible for their own laws, just as they are with liquor and tobacco.
Our Federal mandate must be to educate and rehabilitate – not incarcerate.


To vote on November 9, you must be a register by October 11